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Green Whistle Campaign

Basketball Victoria is launching a campaign specifically targeted at the basketball community to provide an appropriate environment for our referees under the age of 18.

Over 50% of Basketball Victoria’s referees are under the age of 18. Children are being exposed and subjected to negative behavior in an environment that is meant to be safe and supportive. Losing perspective in a competitive environment has harmful effects on participants, particularly those under the age of 18.

The role of the referee is very important, and the expectation of them to know the rules, apply them accurately and then communicate effectively is extremely high. Unfortunately, when these expectations aren’t met, players, coaches and spectators too often, lose their ability to self-regulate and act out in a negative way.

General Manager of Technical Officials Jo Chu explains, “Victoria is privileged to have very talented referees who just happen to be under the age of 18 just like we have very talented players under the age of 18. Our responsibility is to ensure we protect this generation of young people to safeguard the future success of our sport.

Society understands that those under the age of 18 can be easily influenced so our desire is to have them influenced by positive role models and incredible sports people. I encourage each of you to lead the way in ensuring that when you do see a referee whose whistle is green, you contribute positively to the environment they are in.”

Understanding that we rely on referees under the age of 18 to allow us to enjoy the sport we love means we have a strong responsibility to ensure they are protected and feel safe.


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