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Summer (October - April)


The MBA Summer competition is the associations premier domestic league and offers grades in:

  • Under 8 Boys & Girls

  • Under 10 Boys & Girls

  • Under 12 Boys & Girls

  • Under 14 Boys & Girls

  • Under 16 Boys & Girls

  • Under 18 Boys & Girls

  • B Grade Men & Women
    (Club & Social)

  • A Reserve Men & Women

  • A Grade Men & Women

  • Premier League Men & Women

Winter (April - September)


The MBA winter league, while still offering graded and competitive games, offers a more social and relaxed competition for those wanting to keep active during Mildura's chilly months.

Looking to get involved?
The association comprises of seven domestic clubs and operates year-round with summer and winter competitions for both juniors and adults.

To get involved, contact one of our clubs and see if they are the right fit for you!

CLICK HERE for club contacts!

For enquiries, please email 
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