Why should I become a referee?

There are so many reasons to become a referee including:

  • Earn money and work flexible hours

  • Be physically active and get fit

  • Be involved in basketball (especially if you love the game)

  • Gain a better understanding of basketball and its rules

  • Meet new people, make new friends and share many great experiences

  • Improve your life skills (e.g. communication, independence, confidence, decision making and awareness)


How much time is involved?

This is dependent entirely on you.
Trainees are required to attend 4 theory sessions and referee at least one day per week for approximately 7 weeks.
Qualified referees can choose a permanent position on a roster or a casual/emergency referee on any shift. Shifts run every day of the week

What age do I have to be to start training as a referee?

Any new children wishing to be a referee, must be 12 years of age when the first theory session starts of each school.

How much does a referee get paid?

It varies on the grade of the referee and whether it is a senior or junior competition. Payments range from $4 through to $25 per game.

I was once a qualified referee and would like to come back, what do I do?

Mildura Basketball is looking to get people back into refereeing who may have stopped for for any reason and are now able to get back on court.  Whether you stopped 2 or 10 years ago we are happy to work with you, to upskill you with the changes to the game and get you on court.

Please complete our Returning/New to Location Application and we will be in touch!

For further queries please don't hesitate to contact the team at Mildura Basketball via CONTACT US