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Referee Courses

Green Shirt Course

Our Green Shirt Program provides beginner referees with a clear pathway in becoming an Association Community level referee. The program ensures that our beginner referees develop the most important initial skills to refereeing such as:

  1. The basic duties required of a basketball referee,

  2. 2-man refereeing mechanics (where to move on the court),

  3. Fouls and violations, and

  4. Refereeing signals


The first step in becoming a referee is the Green Shirt Program, which is a combination of an online introductory course and on court learning. 


The Green Shirt introductory sessions are now available online for FREE.  The work at your own pace online course is designed to take participants through the basics of being a Basketball Referee and explain the assorted skills (physical and mental) that will need to be developed. 


On completion of the online course, should participants then wish to proceed to the on-court training, a $25.00 fee will be charged.  For this each participant will receive a Green Shirt and whistle.

To get started simply email Mildura Basketball's Director of Participation & Development, Mahaela Jackson via

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