What is the Green Shirt Program?

The Green Shirt program is a nationally recognized program developed as a way to easily identify and protect the learner official. Simply put it means that if you see officials wearing a green referee shirt it is important to understand they are beginners and are “learning on the job”.

The aim of the Green Shirt Program is to:

  • Make new officials easily identifiable, so that they are easy to recognise and support.

  • Promote this program to the basketball community to raise awareness and increase the recognition and support of new officials

  • Assist in reducing pressure and lessening abuse and conflict directed towards new officials. Create a culture of support towards these new officials via the education of players, spectators, coaches and the media.

The message for the program, “I‘m wearing green so please don’t see red” simply means that if you see officials wearing a green referee shirt then it is important for you to know they are beginners and as a “learner” they may make more mistakes than normal.

How to become a Green Shirt Referee:

For further information on the green shirt referee program and for upcoming opportunities CLICK HERE


What to do if you have a Green Shirt on your Game:

  • Be supportive of the Green Shirt and role model positive behavior

  • Supporters should only cheer and support the team.

  • Refrain from any direct communication with a Green Shirt referee

  • Communication can be directed to the Striped Shirt (Black & White) official, Mentor/Trainer or Venue Supervisor at an appropriate time, away from the Green Shirt.

  • Should and appropriate time not present itself during the game, or at all on game day, questions should be sent to your appropriate contact point for escalation.

Mildura Basketball has a zero tolerance policy towards any behavior that is deemed contrary to expectations. Unacceptable behavior or language directed at a Green Shirt referee should expect to be dealt with accordingly.